Czheck 4 President

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“Cory is one of the best out there in the music industry. Cory IS the music industry all by himself. I've followed his model, which is simple: If I can't get in the music industry, I'll make my own music industry. And with his vast influence he has built websites and social networks to let underground artist show off their artistic abilities. I would work with Cory ANY DAY!"

April 30, 2012

Ricardo Butler, Artist, Producer, Event Organizer, Dead To Flesh Records

was with another company when working with Cory at Czheck Productions


Quotes I've known Cory since 2004 and ever since then he has influenced me to stay in music. Wanting to quit so many times, but he told me to keep ma head up and keep pushing. The quality of his work speaks for itself. Most rappers are out there talkn about cars and big houses they don't have, but Cory talks about his experiences and where he came from and where he wants to go. Def look up to you fam! Quotes
Lemuel (Ceo Of LegendaryBeatzOnline)
Friend/fellow artist/producer

Quotes I DOWNLOADED HIS MUSIC WHEN I FIRST HEARD IT! He is the bomb-bay! Have you heard his lyrics? One of the best lyricist there is, in other words, he has untapped talent. If people and others would give his work a chance like we did with other Big Named Artist, you would say the same. Quotes
Rob Zilla
CEO of UglySwagEnt.